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The EuroDSD is a collaboration of doctors and scientists from all over Europe. Within the 7th Framework Programme and its call for a collaborative project on the natural course and pathophysiology of rare diseases. EuroDSD was supported by the EU Commission from 2008 to 2011. The final report of the project was recently approved by the EC without any alteration. So we consider this project to be very successful for DSD and for Europe. We hope that the consortium will continue with further networking activities and will be supported accordingly in the future. The EuroDSD database has become the I-DSD database and is funded by the Medical Research Counsil MRC. For further information consult

DSD - Disorders of Sex Development

Disorders of Sexual Development (DSD) constitute a group of rare to very rare, mostly heritable disorders affecting the genito-urinary tract and in most instances also the endocrine-reproductive system. Long-term outcome studies on various DSD entities are desperately needed in order to establish a basis for evidence-based medicine regarding sex assignment and conservative and surgical treatment options. More...


The project combines unique strengths by linking a European patient-based data collection and analysis tools (WP01) with research on development of novel diagnostic strategies to identify new causes of DSD (WP02, WP04 and WP05) in conjunction with a strong programme on functional molecular biology of the androgen receptor (WP03), thereby allowing for an in-depth analysis of a key factor in the pathogenesis of DSD. More...

The EuroDSD Project