2015 Euro DSD Project Survey Coming Soon: Please Update Your Contact Details

2016I am excited to announce that with the advent of 2016, it’s now time to reflect on the year that was: 2015. As part of our new blogging and awareness initiatives we will soon be conducting a survey of all our contacts, partners, and readers.

Our survey participants will include:

  • Accident claims lawyers
  • Personal injury solicitors
  • Victims of serious injury and their families
  • Support groups and charities
  • Reader and contributors to our blog
  • Other serious injury website bloggers

Our survey questions are still being formulated, but we hope to send it out via our email marketing system soon.

If we don’t have up to date email information for you then please update us as soon as possible so that you don’t miss out!


Blog and Website Goes Live for December 2015

The EuroDSD website is a health and serious injury blog. We are a collective of bloggers who write about serious injuries, the rehabilitation, and stories from peope affected.

This website domain previously was associated with a European health project titled the EuroDSD project.

We are not associated with the previous owners of the domain, but you can find out more about them here with some content we retrieved from the Internet Archive about who they were, their aims, and objectives.

The new website will include aspects such as developments in brain injury research, spinal injury, and serious neck ailments.

We are currently supported and sponsored for our content by corporates around Europe and the United Kingdom. If you would like to talk sponsorship opportunities with us then we would welcome a discussion.

Please bookmark the Euro DSD Project homepage and visit back for news and views as and when we publish them.