Gamer Suffers Serious Spinal Injury and Then Plays FIFA Again

gamerA couple of us love playing FIFA on the Xbox 360, so imagine how delighted we were to see this YouTube video of a guy recovering from a serious spinal injury claim who went on to play FIFA again.

It goes to show that suffering from a serious spinal cord injury doesn’t mean you can’t live life like you used to and enjoy the things that used to make you happy before your accident.

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Video Details

This is what the Gamer’s Charity said on the video about this:

Here’s Will in our games room trying out FIFA for the first time since a spinal injury restricted all his movement to just his head and shoulders. He’d been told that he’d never be able to play games again, but now he’s levelling the playing field with a chin joystick and a couple of shoulder-operated switches.
He’s gone from strength to strength since this vid was made. “I’m surprising a few friends with how competitive I am,” he said recently, “and I’m holding my own against them. I was up until 4am gaming with a friend the other night – something maybe I’d hoped I’d never do again!” 

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